TaboLap Lap Desk Built Inside a Laptop Bag 


What makes TaboLap laptop bag different from other  laptop bags?

TaboLap laptop bag is designed and built with:

  1. a full lap desk surface to use with any computing devices up to 13 inches or for reading, writing or other activities
  2. two trays built underneath the surface to store drink cup or bottle, snacks, phone, document, & other travel gadgets
  3. pull tray all the way out then re-insert to switch side
  4. flip shelf over to use the back as a mousepad
  5. vent gap in the middle of the surface for heat ventilation
  6. large elastic band in the vent gap to secure electronic device
  7. slide the back of the bag over the luggage's extended handle or close the bottom zipper to make it an extra pocket
  8. the only laptop bag with a combined fun and convenient lapdesk in one for frequent travelers

TaboLap lap desk laptop bags are available in black or brown and in all genuine suede leather or in neoprene and suede leather combined. 

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Turn TaboLap laptop case into

your private and comfy lap desk anywhere.


Make your own comfort zone, enjoy your drink, and get your productive time in or just have the relax moments that you deserve, whenever you are.


Designed exclusively for frequent and business travelers.




  TaboLap portable workstation laptop bag is a U.S. Patented Product.