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Hi, I’m Kim H. I’m a health research enthusiast and a mom to my amazing son.
I found AdeptTrends to provide travel comfort products, natural healthy vitamins, gut and immune support natural herbal and green teas to busy professionals, parents, students, and frequent travelers.

I’ve learned after many jobs I had in the past that working and commuting long hours each day, I really didn’t have time nor energy to make daily fresh meals with all the vitamins and nutrition that my body needs. I got health tests results back with deficiency for different vitamins in my body and unsure what’s best to do. I just felt weak often, couldn't sleep well, less focus, and even unemotional at times.

So having the right vitamins to supplement those missing areas has been an ESSENTIAL part of my life. I need to get my health back on track.

I’ve learned many hard ways and experienced many tough lessons but I managed to stay stronger inside out, stay focused longer to think clearer, so I can finish important tasks, conquer the continuous life challenges, be happier with what I have and who I am, and whenever possible, travel anywhere with my son (before he’s off to be on his own, which is so soon).

I researched each ingredient of AdeptTrends’ vitamins supplement products, herbal tea, to make sure the products work effectively the most natural way.

What I’ve learned and have:

  • Active health research enthusiast after family members diagnosed with different cancers, brain tumor Grade III then IV, diabetes Type II, and son went through long seizure treatment.
  • Self—trained, self-taught about herbals, vitamins, and supplements ingredients and researched each of ingredients for each product to get the right formula
  • Natural Supplements Certificate with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) by Scripps Health in 2018
  • Actively attend herbals and healthcare related seminars and conferences for latest updates and researches’ studies
  • Graduate of University of North Florida. Yay, go all Ospreys! :-))
  • Amazon Author of Kindle book entitled: ”Brain Health Diet: 31 Easy, Powerful Recipes for Your Happy Healthy Mind, Gut, and Body” Launching in March, 2019, under my brand name: Elite Source Labs®
  • Patented my 1st brand: TaboLap lap desk + laptop bag in 1, from the USPTO
  • Trademark my 2nd brand: Elite Source Labs®, from the USPTO

I wish to deliver to you what you and your body really need the most.
Please share what you experienced and learned, with or without any of AdeptTrends’ products.

I’m truly grateful to get to hear what you share & to have your support. ~ Kim H.

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