Hi! I’m Kim H, an avid traveler, health enthusiast, and most importantly a mom to an incredible son.

AdeptTrends is my company that embodies all aspects of my life and topics I am passionate about through its two umbrella brands TaboLap and Elite Source Labs.

TaboLap was created earlier than Elite Source Labs® due to my frequent work travels that involved hours spent mid-air working from a small tray table of an airplane. An inconvenience I put up with for many years until a cup of hot coffee spilled on my work device, causing me to lose all of the work I’ve created. I decided that my regular laptop sleeve was no longer cutting it, I needed a functional alternative that will not only protect my device but improve my working experience during my travels. This idea turned into a 2-in-1 laptop sleeve and lap desk, TaboLap (short for Table on Lap). Designed to bring comfort functionality to travelers using their devices, it made my work travel experience a breeze, to say the least.

Working long hours at my job while balancing frequent work travel and family life took a toll on my health. The lack of time to prepare healthy meals or give my body the rest it needed resulted in numerous health problems stemming from the vitamin deficiencies I was suffering from. After a serious ankle injury, I made the conscious decision to provide my body with the nutrients it needs, so I can be a better, healthier, and happier person.

I dedicated hours upon hours to researching every single ingredient that is used in both the vitamin and herbal tea blends to ensure that each product is made of high-quality, ethically sourced, and most importantly naturally derived ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose that works to improve your health and well-being safely and effectively, and that is how Elite Source Labs was invented.

Both big and small, the stories that inspired the creation of my brand are close to my heart, as they resulted in a product that has completely transformed my life.

I sincerely hope AdeptTrends’ products have helped improve your lifestyle in some ways. I’d love to hear back from you via here or by entering the company or any of my brand names on your favorite social platforms.

With Love,

Kim H. and son