Inspired to have a healthier and a more comfort life, I create effective and helpful products that actually work to serve busy business, office professionals, and all frequent commuters who don't have enough daily active or outdoor time.

I'm an active health research enthusiast about herbals, vitamins, and supplements ingredients after having family members diagnosed with cancers, brain tumor Grade III then IV, diabetes Type II, and absence seizure.

I truly love and really enjoy learning to create products that work and deliver real results.

I'm grateful to be able to deliver products that bring better health and more comfort to your life.
I’m always eager to learn, share, give, & to reply to your feedback and to have your support.

  • Natural Supplements Certificate with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) by Scripps Health in 2018
  • Author of e-book recipe entitled: ”Brain Health Diet: 31 Easy, Powerful Recipes for Your Happy Healthy Mind, Gut, and Body”. Published under my brand name: Elite Source Labs®
  • Patented my design: TaboLap lap desk + laptop bag in 1, from the USPTO
  • Trademark Registered my 2nd brand: Elite Source Labs®, from the USPTO
  • Bachelor of Science Degree from University of North Florida. 

Kim Lien H. - Founder of AdeptTrends, LLC

with my amazing son.