AdeptTrends, LLC was established in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in 2011, to bring travel comfort products and a healthy lifestyle to our beloved people.

AdeptTrends starts its first brand TaboLap with a product line of U.S. Patented TaboLap lap desk in a computer bag with retractable shelves to help travelers travel easier with the bag's creative space and fun functionalities. 

After extensive research and frequent travels, we formulated and manufactured our own vitamins and supplements products line with our second brand of Elite Source Labs™ to support a healthy lifestyle not only for frequent travelers but also for other busy professionals and students. 

Our first product line of Elite Source Lab™ brand is Focus Elite brain supplement since February of 2017. 

And we are proud to introduce our 2nd product line of Elite Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK-7) to support bone and heart health in July 2017.

Our mission is to provide comfort, energy support, and a healthy lifestyle to all busy professionals, travelers, as well as college students.

Please share with us your thoughts and experiences using AdeptTrends' products  by sending us your comments or reviews. 

We’re very grateful for your support.

Thank You for Placing Trust on Our Products. 

Elite Source Labs™ and Patented TaboLap Lap Desk Laptop Bags by AdeptTrends, LLC