Intermittent Fasting: How does it really work?

Intermittent fasting is not a diet or just another weight-loss tool. It is a lifestyle change that requires mindfulness, consistency, and repetition. While there are various intermittent fasting methods, they all work in similar ways and have similar requirements to see results. Knowing how intermittent fasting works is essential to be sure you understand what needs to be done to gain benefits. 

Here are 5 ways intermittent fasting works to create a healthier lifestyle:

1. Calorie Restriction 

Fasting allows you to naturally reduce the number of calories you consume throughout the week. There is a common misconception that tracking calories doesn't promote weight loss, but this is simply not the case. While you don't need to be highly restrictive, you still need to consume fewer calories than you burn to see weight loss or maintenance. This is because extra calories are stored for later use, resulting in fat cell growth and multiplication. Eating fewer calories will allow you to use those stored fat cells for energy to lose weight and later maintain it. 

2. Mindful Eating 

Intermittent fasting helps promote healthier food choices as your eating time is restricted. This means you are more likely to pick the foods that make you feel fit or full all day long rather than going for instant gratification. In addition, choosing the right foods makes fasting easier to accomplish as you have more energy to stay on track. 

3. Autophagy

Autophagy is when damaged cells are rebuilt or removed for stronger, healthier ones. This process helps to improve your immune system and has many anti-aging properties. In addition, an improved immune system means you can fight off infections easier and decrease your risk of cancer. In other words, intermittent fasting directly increases your life expectancy. 

4. Metabolic Switching

Metabolic switching is when the body switches from using stored glucose in the liver to using stored fat cells for energy instead. Fasting signals this switch and is how intermittent fasting increases and promotes autophagy or cellular repair.

5. Consistency and Repetition

Finally, intermittent fasting creates a healthier lifestyle because it requires consistency and repetition. Weight loss or other benefits take repeated action to be successful. Not only that, but routines are also known to promote increased or improve mental health. Allowing you to feel more grounded, happier, and feel like you have an important purpose in life. 

As you can see, intermittent fasting is a powerful way that incorporates periods of fasting to repair, build and regulate each system throughout your body.

Metabolic switching –autophagy – together with mindful eating help manage your weight, repair your cells, and improve your immune system to live a long and healthier life. 

Happy Healthy Fasting!!!

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