support stronger bone health and get rid of tiredness or work depression

If you have not felt your best and thought it was just a blue funk you’d snap out of, but nothing has helped--- you are not alone. Dealing with deep aches and pains, brain fog, and getting sick may seem like it’s just a part of the human experience, but truth be told, these all too common symptoms are all tell-tale signs of vitamin deficiency, specifically a lack of vitamin D and magnesium.

According to the Scientific American, more than 10% of Americans are vitamin D deficient.
According to the American Osteopathic Association, up to 50% of Americans are magnesium deficient.

Though the statistics are shocking, when you take a bird’s eye view of America, they kind of make sense. There are other health issues that can affect your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D like obesity, celiac disease, or getting up there in age, the two leading causes of vitamin D deficiency are lack of sun exposure and dietary issues. And on top of that, an insufficient amount of magnesium renders the vitamin D that you do have in your body unusable.

The people that suffer from vitamin d deficiency the most are the elderly, folks with other health factors like auto-immune disease, thyroid issues, or weight fluctuation, and (oddly enough) office workers because of the very reason of being inside most of the day. Though these demographics are almost as different as they come, the common thread is that everyone can choose to take a supplement.

Easy Ways to Eliminate the Daily Tiredness and Level Up Your Energy

There are an array of reasons that a person can’t go outside enough or eat the foods that are rich in vitamin D, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Elite Source Labs® is built on a foundation of health and wellness research that is based on the efficacy of natural medicines in the form of herbals, vitamins, and supplements. Elite Source Labs® creates science-based products that actually deliver results.

We have not only our family members, close friends, but also neighbors and now our customers from all walks of life that face difficult diagnoses such as cancer, brain tumors Grade III then IV, diabetes Type II, vitamin d, k, iron, magnesium deficiency, and even absence seizures. The experiences, the learning curves, and the needed research made us health research enthusiasts and found the Elite Source Labs® brand to offer vitamin supplements and medicinal tea products to help those who are affected effectively regain their energy, strength, and their happy lives back.

These products are designed to be a simple addition to your every day routine. Elite Source Labs® formulas are created for maximum bioavailability so that feeling strong and balanced is just one natural vitamin supplement a day away-- because everyone deserves to live a full life, regardless of their differences in lifestyles.

For some people, it’s just not sustainable to play the trial and error game with taking too many vitamins together, so Elite Source Labs® has designed the perfect bundle of those 2 vitamins and minerals that can be taken together to strengthen your body. This golden trio is found in our two best selling: Elite Source Labs® Elite Vitamin D3+K2 and Elite Source Labs® Elite Magnesium Bisglycinate. Though the names are a mouthful, they couldn’t be more simple to take.

Here’s How They Work

Let’s start with D3+K2:

Why do we need vitamin D3 specifically?

Though vitamin D is a whole group of vitamins, vitamin D3 is more effectively used by the body than vitamin D2. It helps your gut absorb the calcium and phosphorus you need for strong healthy bones.
Some natural ways to get vitamin D3 are to have direct sunshine daily or every other day for at least 15 minutes, consume quality natural fish oils, dairy, and eggs. But you’d have to eat a substantial amount of these food types daily to get the same benefits as you would from taking a capsule of vitamin d3 k2 supplement.
We pair our vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 because they work hand-in-hand.
Much like vitamin D3, vitamin K2 is the stronger of all the K vitamins. It too strengthens your musculoskeletal system and heart. So why do we need both?

As vitamin D helps support your cardiovascular system by ensuring that you have appropriate calcium levels in your bones to keep them strong, vitamin K2 helps direct the calcium to the right place, to the bones. Otherwise, the calcium is more like to stay in the bloodstream.

And Elite Source Labs® Vitamin D3+K2 is formulated with the optimal effective dosage of both vitamins!

It Gets Better. Add Magnesium Bisglycinate for Best Results.

As the third in this three-stranded cord, Magnesium is a key player in balancing your body’s processes and functions. There are over 8 types of magnesium with each type having different health benefits, Magnesium Bisglycinate pairs almost perfectly with vitamin D3+K2 to strengthen your whole body--- from your muscles and bones to your nervous system to your heart, and even support for a better immune system and a more stable sleep pattern.

Magnesium Bisglycinate’s big benefit is that it helps your body create protein while regulating energy storage and usage.

When added to the already powerful Vitamin D3+K2 regimen, Magnesium Bisglycinate strengthens your bones and muscles (including your heart.) We added a very modest amount of Magnesium Oxide to completely utilize the effects of Magnesium Bisglycinate. Together the two magnesium variants boost your digestive and immune system by feeding your gut flora perfectly with no side effects.

All in that healing in two easy to take vitamins and minerals. How could you say no?

Kim H. and Elite Source Labs® Team
By AdeptTrends, LLC

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